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Camlogus Dental Implants For escorts and others.

Camlogus are the leading specialists in dental implants, having operated in the dental industry for over 30 years. Over the last 3 decades, we have continuously improved our products to the needs of our clientele and customers of dentists and implantologists. We continue to establish and grow so our implants and dentistry products are known all around the world! There are more than 60 FdA approved manufacturers of dental implant materials. Camlogus are rated the very best in sophistication, quality and reliability. We are board certified and specialize in the best material options available. Camlogus have played a huge key role in modern dentistry practice. 

CAMLOG is a leading supplier of integrated systems and products for implant and restorative dentistry. The CAMLOG® Implant System was developed by internationally renowned experts in the fields of clinical implantology, research, and manufacturing. Many years of experience in research and development, the highest possible quality standards, and fair price-performance ratio have made CAMLOG an industry leader.

Our dental implants consist of three parts, Implant, Abutment and Crown or otherwise known as base, connector and crown. The crown is the part that is designed to look like your natural teeth and we make ours out of the highest quality ceramic. We work closely with the titanium industry to produce the base or implant, which we make out of the strongest medical grade titanium with a screw that fuses with the jawbone. Our grade 5 titanium is significantly stronger than our competitors titanium named comercially as pure titanium . Then we have the Abutement or connector which  is the part that secures the false tooth to the implant in the bone. We produce our implants in bulk which involves feeding a long titanium rod through our machines in the factory. We cut the rod, then thread and shape the titanium rod thus making hundreds of dental implants from one Rod. As you can see, camlogus make a lot of profit. We are now a leader of the production market because we can produce dental implants from our 3D printer which is a significant breakthrough to the modern dental industry, producing highly accurate and indestructible dental products of the modern era. We are one of the few dental manufactures that have now entered the digital dentistry industry.  

There are many advantages to using Camlogus dental products. Our dental implants are exact replicas to look and function like your own teeth. If you are in the dental industry, there are many advantages to buy and sell our Camlogus products. Camlogus dental implants improve your appearance. They have been specifically designed to Improve the comfort of your mouth. Did you know that Camlogus implants Improve speech? When you lose teeth, your speech is affected. Camlogus implants also Improve eating skills. 

The dental implants that we produce at Camlogus are a permanent tooth replacement option. Our dental implants will last you for the rest of your life, with an expert dentist to fit them and good dental hygiene. Our dental implants are designed to be strong with successful results. We have the reputation for producing reliable, strong, long lasting dental implants. Our customer satisfaction grows with a smile every day. Nowadays, more and more dentists from all over the world are recommending our dental implants as the preferred choice for their clients. Although dental implants can't get cavities, you still need to brush to ensure the health of any natural teeth you may still have and your gums.

With CAMLOG products leading the way in terms of ease of use, predictability, and quality, CAMLOG services are fully customized to meet the needs of patients, clients, and business partners. We have a diverse range of clients that come to us for our products. These range from Football players, to Female escorts. All of them have one thing in common. They need to look perfect for their jobs!

There are many different reasons why you may need to buy our dental implants. Many people can easily lose their teeth through a result of an accident, fall or a sports injury. Many young people use their teeth to open bottles which can result in permanent tooth loss. Many people get beaten up by violent partners, resulting in the teeth being knocked out. 

You can have dental implants from the age of 17. The patient is usually sedated through the implant process, so it does not hurt. If you are new to our products, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

CAMLOG Biotechnologies AG is an established manufacturer and supplier of internationally recognized products for oral implantology and restorative dentistry.

Built on our expertise

Since the introduction of the CAMLOG® Implant System in 1999, we have been able to establish an important position in the market. The system, characterized by an ideal number of system components and easy and efficient handling properties, is based on many years of experience in implant dentistry and was developed by a team created under the guidance of Dr. Axel Kirsch. Together with Dr. Karl-Ludwig Ackermann, ZTM (master dental technician) Gerhard Neuendorff and Walter Dürr, the CAMLOG Implant System has been optimized to overcome the deficiencies in the handling properties as well as the functional and esthetic limitations of conventional systems currently offered in the market. The CAMLOG® Implant System thus makes new and innovative therapeutic concepts a real possibility.

CAMLOG is convinced that future success in the implant market will be closely connected with the company’s own research and development efforts. This is why we attach great importance to developing all of our own scientifically proven products.

Well connected

A fair partnership with our customers is just as important to CAMLOG as research and development. We are convinced that fair dealing with each other is the only way to achieve mutual success. Custom-made services and excellent value for money are thus two basic principles of our corporate philosophy.

The Technical Service department of CAMLOG ensures that no questions are left unanswered when we deal with our customers. Whether by telephone or at the dentist’s office, when it comes to advising our customers on the application of CAMLOG products, the Technical Service department will provide comprehensive guidance in all matters.



With a state-of-the-art production facility in Wimsheim, Germany, CAMLOG has created the basis for future worldwide growth. Over 280 qualified employees and an ultramodern infrastructure near Stuttgart guarantee that our success story will continue as the years unfold.

Our production facilities, on about 4,000 square meters, are among the most modern of their kind in the world. Even at the planning stage, we placed great emphasis on building a production operation that not only meets all requirements of the Medical Devices Law, but also conforms to international criteria — especially the stringent American regulations. High-tech manufacturing processes and constant quality assurance guarantee a consistently high level of quality.

Our consistent quality has been repeatedly confirmed by certification of our process-oriented QM system under EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 standards, as well as the European Directive 93/42/EWG for medical devices.

For the sake of the environment

At CAMLOG, we take environmental responsibility in everything we do. The new production plant in Wimsheim was built in compliance with all current standards of environmental protection. Exhaust air from production, for instance, is not simply released outside, but used for heat generation. Naturally, our production facilities also meet the strict German requirements.

Don’t delay, choose Camlogus today! And we guarantee you to have a permanent smile on your face that lasts forever.


ALTATEC GmbH, the manufacturing arm of the CAMLOG Group, is subject to regulation of its quality assurance system under the EN/ISO 13485 standard at every stage of its operations. This standard specifies in detail all criteria that must be met by the extensive quality assurance system. Naturally, ALTATEC complies fully with the requirements of this standard. Our medical products and devices meet particularly strict requirements.

The CAMLOG Group ensures that the quality of its products and services meets the expectations of our customers. Our products comply with basic requirements defined in European laws and directives relating to medical devices with regard to product performances and patient safety. In addition to EN/ISO 13485, ALTATEC has also been certified according to BL93/42EWG for medical products.

We leave nothing to chance

ALTATEC's quality management consists of an experienced team ensuring inspections and documentation of all our products through the various production stages. In the quality management of the ALTATEC GmbH, our excellently trained personnel carry out internal and external audits. Internal audits closely scrutinize our manufacturing processes; external audits inspect our suppliers.

Quality management is not static but process-oriented, and quality assurance acts on a future-oriented basis. We control the quality of our products for consistency and sustainability in long-term tests performed at our own locations with our own equipment.