Why to avoid halitosis
Why to avoid halitosis

Why to avoid halitosis


One of the first things that men and women notice on a person is their mouth. When we desire somebody, we tend to look at the parts of the body that we want to touch. Did you know that when we want to kiss somebody, subconsciously, we look at their mouths. What happens though, if a client comes in for a hand shake or a kiss on the cheek and they are hit with the foul odour of halitosis? They are instantly put off. Nobody wants to kiss somebody whose mouth smells like something died in there. Unfortunately, little things like having bad breath, will encourage the opposite sex to go running for the hills. Negative comments could even be left for you, depending on what business you are in. Especially if you are working as an escort, for example! Every escort knows that a negative review stating something like they have bad smelling breath can be career ending.

There are many causes of halitosis, or bad breath, as it commonly known as. Smokers usually have it, the strong odour from the chemicals and products inside the cigarette cause a very distinct foul smell to linger inside the mouth. Not only does this give rise to halitosis it also creates other dental hygiene problems too.

It can not only be found in people who smoke. Something as simple as not brushing your teeth could cause it. Bits of food can get compacted between your teeth. Not only is the sight of it unattractive, but it is a breeding ground for bacteria. They grow on the food producing gases which can also cause you to have bad breath. Brushing your teeth regularly also flossing too can reduce this risk. Unfortunately, this bacteria can also damage teeth. If you are not hot on your dental hygiene, no matter how many times you brush or floss, it might make no difference whatsoever. A poor dental hygiene regime might go from a dose of halitosis to rotten teeth.

The importance of good breath for an is extra important for absolutely everyone, in their work and even in their sex lives. Especially if you rely on intimacy as a part of their job. Without intimacy they have no work ergo no income. By allowing halitosis to develop, is not really acceptable. It is something that is easily treatable, also avoidable. Regular trips to the dentist will avoid this problem ever occurring. However, if you decide to skip your six monthly check-up. You run the risk of wilting flowers when you breathe. As an escort, you should pay extra attention to your mouth. As soon as you notice your breath smells, you should be responsible and book an appointment with a dentist. They can clear it up fairly quickly. It could be something as simple as tonsil stones that are causing it. Nothing that a deep oral clean cannot fix.

One thing to remember, is that halitosis is long-term if it is not nipped in the bud. However, escorts must keep in mind, that halitosis can also be temporary. As mentioned above, smoking causes long term halitosis. It also causes short term bad breath too. This can be remedied by not smoking between your appointments or business meetings, if you have consecutive bookings. If you smoke with a client or business partner, make sure to have plenty of gum close by. Another thing that causes temporary halitosis is strong flavoured foods. Try to avoid eating onion or garlic especially if you are working soon after your meal. These foods are not so easy to mask the smell of.

The main thing to remember, is that bad breath is bad for business. Keep on top of your dental hygiene and make sure that you have fresh breath always and all will be well! You will get more people in general wanting to be around you. Also, having fresh breath means that you will not be afraid to get up close and personal with your client. There will be no need to stay two meters back from everyone!

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