Effects Of Missing Teeth
effects of missing teeth

Effects Of Missing Teeth

Being a stripper in New York with missing teeth just isn't a good look! I'm healthy with a great body, but my teeth let down my appearance. I lost my front teeth through poor dental hygiene when I was a child. We were poor and my parents could not afford toothpaste. Ive actually been turned down by many strip clubs simply because of my bad teeth! As a struggling single Mum, I need to work to feed my kids and being a stripper in New York is all I can do to support my family. An opportunity arose to work at a top New York strip club, but once again, my dental appearance was a key factor in them not employing me. My missing teeth had once again damaged my self esteem and confidence. During a job interview, I didn’t want to smile due to my missing teeth, but this perceived me as unfriendly and unconfident. I was so embarrassed of my teeth!

I realized, if I didn’t correct my teeth, I wouldn’t get a job which subsequently would affect my child's future. Something needed to be done and quickly!

After confiding in a friend who is also a stripper in New York city, she pointed me in the right direction, to a dentist at our base who specializes in dental implants. She told me that missing teeth can be functionally and esthetically restored. I knew I had to make the phone call to them and book a free consultation.

The day of my consultation arrived and I entered the dentist reception. A pretty female receptionist greeted me with a warm and friendly smile and told me to sit in the waiting room. Not long after I was called through to see the dentist and dental technician for my consultation and examination of my mouth and teeth. The dentist told me that Implants were my best solution to fix my missing teeth. The implants would also help my oral hygiene and gums. After 5 sessions to fix my missing teeth I returned to New York a changed woman. My confidence had been restored! And guess what? I got the job that changed my life at the Strip club in New York. I am now a happy healthy stripper!


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