Importance of Dental Hygiene
Importance of Dental Hygiene

Importance of dental hygiene

Being a professional football player is more than just being able to play fifty-yard passes and scouring goals. It's about your appearance, your image and your teeth. You can't do a photoshoot to advertise merchandise if you haven't got a lovely set of teeth to really show of the items you want to help your club sell. To be recognised as one of the world top footballers, image is everything, not just your ability on the football pitch. To be a top footballer, you need to be super fit and healthy, but teeth should not be neglected.

As a youth team player at Manchester City Football Club, I consumed many energy drinks to keep my energy levels up through training and games. The high sugars, acid and caffeine eventually decayed my teeth. It rotted my confidence both on and off the pitch. When teeth are healthy, without gum disease, there is a reduced chance of them becoming damaged. My decayed teeth from drinking Red Bull and Monster Energy also gave me an absess leading to an infection in my front teeth. Unfortunately, because of my tooth decay and the fact I didn’t wear a gumshield, my teeth were easily knocked out at a heated football match against Manchester United. I was left with a large gap in my teeth with bad tooth ache.

There are many professional footballers who have had their teeth fixed to enhance their high-profile image, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and David Beckham.

My agent and I travelled to them, the leading specialists in dental implants to get my teeth fixed. The implants were fused to my jawbone, to stabilise the artificial teeth. I was advised to brush my teeth twice a day and use dental floss once a day. Once my implants were implanted, I had to return to my dentist every 6 months to ensure my new teeth were in good condition. They were perfectly adapted to the requirements of my daily practice routines and now I can fully focus on my football career. It was recommended not to smoke as it can weaken the bone structure and contribute to implant failure. Of course, as a footballer, I do not smoke to stay healthy. It is also recommended that you do not chew gum because gum can break the crown. Fans were not happy when Leicester city forward, Jamie vardy, chewed gum at the 2018 world cup tournament held in Russia.

The implants in my mouth felt completely natural. I was able to smile again! The press wanted to photograph me with my new good looks! Adidas and Nike wanted me to do a photoshoot to advertise their mens sports clothes. My future plans as a professional footballer, is to continue playing at Man City and to have good strong healthy teeth.


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