Why Smiles Are Important
Smile important to Birmingham escort

Why Smiles Are Important

A smile is one of the first things someone will notice about you when they first meet you. In my job as a Birmingham Escort, first impressions count so a nice set of pearly white teeth is important. A nice warm smile automatically makes you friendly towards a client in Birmingham and sets them at ease straight away. A friendly smile when you first meet a client gives you the appearance of being confident, happy and fun to be with. Clients in Birmingham instantly trust an escort with a friendly white smile. Birmingham escort agency owners recommend smiling at your date first because it creates a sense of warmth and invites conversation. Smiling makes you more approachable. A survey on Birmingham Escorts, suggested that escorts with straight white teeth would get more bookings than those escorts with crooked teeth.  

Hence why, I was so determined to have beautiful teeth to help me stand out from the rest of the escorts in Birmingham and improve my chances of being booked. My smile wasn’t always as straight and white as they are now. But thanks to dental implants that I have now had, I have a perfect set of glistening white teeth that not many other escorts are lucky enough to have.

People find woman with a good smile more attractive.

Being an escort in Birmingham, I can tell you that men find women more attractive when you smile. When a client has booked a Birmingham escort, nothing you wear is more important that your smile as you are never fully dressed without a smile. I have a lot of confidence because I know my smile makes me prettier. My clients get a beautiful smile for free! Birmingham escorts are more likely to get a high tips if they are smiling! I can see clients who speak in foreign languages, because a smile is the same in any language! 

 Many clients come to see me because they are unhappy in their personal lives. When an escort smiles, it can lift a client's bad mood, changes their brain chemistry and even calms the nerve system to make them feel better. A smile can automatically reduce stress, so it is important for my clients health too! Smiling really relaxes the body to ensure a great time together is had. When I smile, it makes others smile too which conveys happiness and love. I have better relationships with my clients, because I'm constantly smiling with my straight white teeth. The brummie clients leave with a permanent grin on their faces. Successful escorts in the city of Birmingham, westmidlands smile more because it significantly changes the prospects of our lives.


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