Best Anal Sex Toys

The best sex toys for anal are not only functional but they come in styles, colors and materials that appeal to your needs and personal preferences. It is important to note, however, that if you suffer from painful or recurrent yeast infections, it may be best to avoid anal sex and stick strictly to vaginal intercourse. Yeast infections are often passed from one partner to another during unprotected anal intercourse. If you suspect that a yeast infection may have been responsible for your recent dry or “past due” surprise visit to the doctor, take a trip over to his office immediately and get a quick exam. Doctors will usually take a sample of secretions from your vaginal canal to determine whether or not you have a yeast infection.

Anal sex toys also have the added benefit of allowing more friction and pleasure to be felt by the receiver. Using anal sex toys that provide more suction or vibrating action increases the ability of the man to please his woman and adds a new dimension to the sexual experience. Moreover, using anal toys that cause friction or that include vibrating or suction as a feature can increase your woman’s enjoyment and sensual anticipation and open up new doors to intimate sex that you may have previously not explored. (In fact, many women report that using anal sex toys that vibrate or are shaped like a penis can cause women to achieve orgasmasms that are more intense than with vaginal penetration.)

A very important factor in choosing the best anal sex toys for anal stimulation is how well the toy is lubricated. Many anal play items are shaped like a penis, so you should choose a toy specifically designed for use with your anus. Some anal play items have only one small hole that allows for easy insertion and removal. If the anal sex toys you choose are large and have a lot of internal components, it is important that you choose a lube for use with them that is water based and that will not dry out your anus or cause any pain or irritation.

You can find lubes in different flavors, and you may even be able to locate ones specially formulated for use with anal sex toys. In addition to choosing a lube, you’ll also want to choose a safe anal sex toy to use with it. When choosing a toy, remember that you don’t want to be too rough, and you definitely don’t want to put any sort of lubricant into or around your anus. In fact, if your toy comes equipped with a lubricant, then it is probably already safe enough to use with your rectum. However, if the toy is non-lubricated and you are unable to put any lube on it, then be extremely careful not to put any lubricant on it at all. Remember that some condoms have an area where a person can insert a lubricant plug without difficulty, so make sure to check this before attempting anal sex with the lubricated plug.

Some other types of anal toys available are anal beads, which are also known as butt plugs. These anal beads come in a variety of materials and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are made of soft materials such as silicon, and they do not require lube because they are made of natural body lubricants. What’s great about these anal beads is that their softness will keep your man from feeling uncomfortable or discomfort when he inserts them.

Another type of anal toys that are available to you are anal vibes. Anal vibes are vibrating butt play toys that you put on your penis and around your anus to give you the ultimate in erotic stimulation. What’s great about anal vibes is that they do not require lube because they are typically made of natural body fluids that will simulate the sensation of a really good, steamy bath for your partner. The best part about using anal vibes is that you can use them in the privacy of your own home, and they provide a huge amount of pleasure to both you and your man.